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    xboxgame Guest

    Red Face psn network card help?

    hi all,

    i have a pal ps3 console with usa psn store account... i want buy psn network card for COD map pack from usa psn store. my cod 4 and 5 disk is region-4 (Australia).. i read cod map are region locked.. so can i use Usa psn network card it will work ? or i have to create an au account and buy au psn card?

    please help

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    piggybank67 Guest
    i believe that the psn cards are region locked, and you will have to make an au account and get a au psn card.

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    xboxgame Guest
    Yep. its not working.. maps are region locked... i download and install successfully but maps are not showing on live game menu.

    ok here is the question.. my ps3 is PAL... i dont know UK or AU. I have cod 4 and 5 both are region (4) - Au (Australia and new Zealand) and Motorstrom which come free with Ps3 console region are (2) - (europe and middle east)

    i want buy psn card for cod4 map which one i use Psn(UK) or Psn(Au)
    coz Psn(us) not working waste my 50$

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