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    Big Grin PSN Links Demo Games Install ?

    Hi !

    Does anyone know if there is a way to install any demo .pkg file ? there used to be a tutorial with this a while ago but it ain't workin' no more... as i believe sony patched this in their fw updates.

    I'm asking this because i think i found a link to Winning Eleven PES 2011 demo (1.7GB) and i really wanna try that demo without gettin' the Playstation + just for that demo LOL...

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    as far as i know, nope. but you can post the link, since i think it may be possible with psgroove.

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    This is the link... to be honest i've found this while googling a bit searching for links and i found this on a arabik board without understanding all they were sayin' even with a translator lol

    But i understood that the thread was about PES2011 and that link is 1,7GB so my guess is that's is actually Wining Eleven PES 2011 DEMO...

    Enjoy anyone if you succeed doin' some with it.

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