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    sniperwolf64 Guest

    psn hex for psjailbreaker dongle help?

    Hi, i have a usb dongle from psjailbreaker and i jailbreaked my ps3 with it. Recently a psn hex hermes v4b and pl3 was released and wanna convert that to the dongle i have to be able to play online and access psn on my jailbroken.


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    modmate Guest

    More information please. Which Stick exactly. Which board.

    Also you`ll find hex' s for nearly every stick out there right here in the hacks subforum.


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    costocart Guest
    yep not clear what type of usb dongle you have please give more details or picture. but if you meant you have the official Psjailbreak than sadly to say that you cant update it with hermes or pl3. you have to wait for the psjailbreak guy to release an update for you.

    i'm not so sure about this but i read about it somewhere in the help forum. someone has already asked about this a few days ago.

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    sniperwolf64 Guest
    thanks for the replies. I did some search and my usb appears to be atmega 16a au-1027 that allows psgroove to update. I already downloaded the recent psn hex hermes v4b and pl3 but not sure which hex to use cuz didn't find the name of the usb chip i have.

    Also in case i found the hex file for my usb how can i convert it to bin file to program it using the psflash12 program provided with the psjailbreaker.

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    costocart Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by sniperwolf64 View Post
    I already downloaded the recent psn hex hermes v4b and pl3 but not sure which hex to use cuz didn't find the name of the usb chip i have
    try all of them. trial and error. but beware of the side effects of this.

    when you mentioned about the .bin for jailbreaker i remembered reading something about it in the forum. check this out:

    i'm not sure if it is related to your problems...

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    Krisdog Guest
    It is either atmega16u4 or atmega16u2, using atmel/flip... I forget because om using a blackcat, but have flashed this JB stick before. My advice is psgrooves latest payload & Hermes v4b. That is just my advice. Good luck.

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    sniperwolf64 Guest
    Thanks for your reply. I will try to get the hex for atmel and using the forum that costocart member mentioned will convert the hex to .bin and program it to my dongle using psflash12.

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