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    NTA Guest

    PSN Gamesharing help?

    I remember a while back that sony severely limited the people you can share games with and stuff. MY friend said he shared gta 4 with someone already but is there still a way that he can share it with me?

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    sharred Guest
    No, you can only share with 1 more ps3 system. Before you could share with 4 more ps3 systems. He has to deactivate the other ps3 by logging in to sen network but he will not be able to deactivate another ps3 system for the next six months.

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    NTA Guest
    So that means if he deactivates the other ps3 system, they can't play gta 4 even though the ps3 account is still there?

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    elser1 Guest
    that is correct. only 2 can play newer games at once. if it was purchased when you can do 5 it will be ok still. just download it and try. you will get a msg saying you need to activate that acc if it allows only 2 consoles.

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    NTA Guest
    Darn. Must've been a sad day for gamers

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