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    Are PSN games hacked yet?

    Sure I know awhile back someone managed to decrypt the sonic 4 pkg file, just to view levels and other things, but im talking PSN games in general, Has any progress been made to hacking them for a download > Install > Play?

    Since we can build pkg files, Why can't we reverse engineer the process to break one down into its basic game components, remove the licence check, then rebuild it?

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    Some NPDRM hashes/keysets were posted HERE along with news that "Pac-man DX" was released with hacked activation, but Mathieulh didn't post the keys themselves and since then I haven't read more on it... that said, only time will tell where this leads I suppose.

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    Thanks, This is great news... Just hope theres some progress to come from it. I would even offer quite a bit to the first person who makes a universal activator, and i'm sure quite a few others would too.

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