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Thread: PSN Game Splitting help?

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    shery21 Guest

    PSN Game Splitting help?

    i have downloaded resident evil code venorica x psn version with its crack the pkg size is about 4.8 gb when i try to copy it into my usb drive that has a capacity of 8gb it give me an error file is too large for the destination drive.

    can anyone tell me how do i copy this file into my usb and then install it on my ps3 the file system of my usb is fat32?

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    matt101 Guest
    fat32 does not allow for files over 4gb... you will have to split it in 2... use pkgsplit or other pkg splitter have a look at aldostools i think there is pkg split built into that... remember FAT32 DOES NOT ALLOW FILES OVER 4GB... good luck

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    shery21 Guest
    i have use the ps3 splitter to split the file but when i try to install it it give me an error and the whole installtion process just roll back any body pls help me on this game

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    windrider42 Guest
    The simplest way to install a file over 4gb. Use ps3splitter by karmian to first split the file. Put the split files in a FOLDER (name the folder whatever you want) Place the folder on a USB. Start mmOS Filemanager on PS3. Copy the entire folder to dev_hdd0/packages. Once copied there, Multiman will have joined the File.

    Now go to dev_hdd0/packages and install the file in that FOLDER (it should now be one big pkg file)

    Then you can delete that folder from dev_hdd0/packages

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    shery21 Guest
    thanks a lot i'll give it a try then let you know

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    wunderkind Guest
    it only works if you are using rebug and its package manager. ps3 will not look by default into this folder. the default installation folder where a pkg is downloaded and installed for example is under dev_hdd0/tmp i think, but that i am not sure.

    have to correct: i think it is dev_hdd0/tmp/np_pkg

    on the other hand you can doubleclick pkg in mm and it will be queried to install from xmb. but this never has worked for me

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    windrider42 Guest
    Multiman pkg locations

    * Upon launch/refresh the following folders are scanned:

    Works with Rogero as I have done it many times.

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