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Thread: PSN Game Sharing: Can I share a game with 5 other people ?

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    AhmadkaX2 Guest

    PSN Game Sharing: Can I share a game with 5 other people ?

    Hi guys. I have this question about PSN game sharing. Quite simple really. As you may know, most PSN Games and addons can be shared between upto 5 people.

    Now my question is this: Normally, what happens is that a person sharing the game normally is one of the five people sharing the game. That is, he takes up one of the five available slots himself, and shares the 4 remaining slots with other people.

    Suppose I want to share a PSN game with five *other* people. That is, I buy a game, but do NOT download it on my own system. Instead, I share it with 5 *other* people. This way, I wont be one of the five people actually sharing/playing this game ..

    Is this possible? Or can I still only share it with four *other* people ?

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    medetron Guest
    i think that since you already a member of one of the "five" people "sharing" the game even if you don't download it, it would still count as you would be buying it on your ps3 through YOUR account on one of the "five" systems sharing. i could be wrong but i think this sounds right

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