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Thread: PSN from external USB GAMEI help?

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    xakmad Guest

    Confused PSN from external USB GAMEI help?

    i've searched high and low for an answer, similar threads out there, but... i installed lots of PSN pkgs and cracks (or ran reactpsn to get edat/raf/rifs) - all good

    i figured the technique of moving from hdd0:\gamei\bles12345 to USB0: or USB1:\gamei\bles12345 then using "game data mode" to get the broken grey icons to repoint to the USB1 folder and get all the icons back

    however... after the last of us duplex gave me a black screen without ANY logo (left it for 15mins), changed from rogero 4.40 v1.03 to rogero 4.41 v1.00 (from psnnews of course) that didn't help, even after changing from duplexes eboot.bin (9Mb) to the original (19Mb)

    so here is where it all went wrong: i read some posts to say go into safe mode and 1st rebuild database and 2nd restore file system, avoiding restore ps3, which was fine of course, the grey broken icons are gone. question is, how do i get them back?

    do i really have to cut them all from usb to internal hard drive to get them working? would a copy paste then delete them from hdd0\ do?

    or is there a way to get iris manager or multiman to look at usb0\gamei and start them with a simple 'X'.

    Tried it but never seemed to work, mainly cos i usually run full ps3 games from the bluray icon ("honest guv, that IS the original disv in there" trick)

    needless to say, i have NOT got the original pkg files... thanks

    and if anyone can shed light on TLOU problem too, that's a bonus lol

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    Liongooder Guest
    Try to copy & paste from USB to Internal then rebuild data base,if it doesn't work then you have to create a new PKG from those files you got & install them again,the program name to create a PKG is PKG creator its easy to use,take the BLES12345 for example, create it in PKG & encrypt it in the GAMEDATA (gamedata & DLC's Downloadable content are in the same category) & thats it install the PKG again & you're good to go.

    Have a nice day.

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    xakmad Guest
    thanks, is rebuild only available in the safemode menu? its a wonder there isn't an app that can get me to that an easier way... shame too there isn't an app that can lok to usb0:\gamei (gamesi?) and build shortcuts from there or of course if multiman or iris would just let you click the PSN game and let you play it

    trying the copy/paste rebuild, i'll let you know

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