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    faquire Guest

    PSN Error The connection to the server has timed out help?

    Hi! I'm having a problem with my ps3. First i have to say that i'm using 4.46.1 D-rex firmware and i'm banned (i don't know if it matters because it should give me an error and let me use an unban).

    So, when i do internet connection test at the console it says succeeded to obtain ip address and internet connection. The other point i released is that i have another PS3 (with ofw) that is working normally with the same internet connection. So, i think the problem is not from the internet itself, but from the PS3.

    I hope you guys to help me in any way. Sorry for the bad english

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    JeoWay Guest
    If you are banned on one console and PSN is not connecting properly, yet the non-banned OFW one is, I suppose its the PSN rejecting your console ID.

    Change console ID = It should work fine after.

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    faquire Guest
    Thanks for the support. It didn't work. I used an unbanned console id it still says that the connection to the server has timed out. I searched about this "error" and some guys says that it is a problem from the internet. But my ofw ps3 is working normally so i refuse this point. I don't really know what can i do...

    Would it work if i switch the hdd?

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    Agret Guest
    You should check to make sure your DNS server is set properly on the CFW ps3, try manual setting with Googles DNS Server

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    JAYRIDER666 Guest
    Try to restart your router for 1 hour.

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    dyceast Guest
    Sounds more like a router problem. And how your network is setup.

    Have you got both PS3s in DMZ mode or something? IP Conflict? DHCP enabled?

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    faquire Guest
    Hi people! First i have to thank you for the answers. Unfortunately i'm still having the problem

    I used my laptop to create a wireless hotspot from a 3g internet device that i asked my friend to try and it didn't work. So, i'm sure the problem is on the ps3, maybe the cfw or some another setting.

    I tried to restart the router and it didn't work, i put the google dns and it didn't work too.

    #dyceast: Nothing DMZ mode, IP conflict (i don't think so) neither DHCP enabled

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    majid25 Guest
    this happens to me a lot when I use yet another by pass , I usually restart the ps3 and relaunch the program on the PC. For your situation I would try to reset your internet settings

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    faquire Guest
    It's been almost two weeks and i still don't know what to do. It's something hard

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    JAYRIDER666 Guest
    try with another router or close the router for 1 hour, i got the same problem and it worked.

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