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    leftpimp Guest

    Exclamation PSN Error Code 8002A212 Help!

    I woke up this morning to see that i could not log into PSN. so i went surfing to find fixes and only found out that one guy posted a Youtube video about the same thing.

    I am pretty good at fixing problems but i think this one is related to me using PS3.Proxyserver.GUI. If i turn on PS3.Proxyserver.GUI (on my computer) and turn on my PS3 my internet access is fine but if i run a connection test i get the same result as the guy in the youtube video i spoke about earlier. (You have been sign out of playstation network ERROR 8002A212) now...

    If I switch my PS3 to go directly to the internet (without going through my PC) it will ask for my to update my firmware... which I do not want to do.I don't think there are any alternate programs out there so What can I do? is anyone else having this problem?

    By the way I have done my research on this problem and here are some ideas from other sites and threads that I know are not the reasons and definitely not the solutions to this problem.

    -its maintenance Sony is conduction on the Playstation Network it will be back up soon... not true because other people had similar problems within the last 24 hours and now there systems are back up... and none of them were using a proxy server.

    -its your connection...not true come on, I am an IT in the military give me some credit if i can network a 3 story building alone i can wire my PS3/PC/router correctly at my house.

    its the name brand of your router...not true, think about it,it was working 7 hours ago ( the time it took for me to sleep) a router does not have the capability to update itself overnight and tell a computer that it is not excepting certain CAT5/6 connections.

    It would be nice if the creator of PS3proxyserverGUI would reply to this because people will stop using his program unless he knows about it.

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    Apr 2005


    I moved your post to the PS3 Online section which deals with PSN topics... also, you may wish to check this ongoing and related PSP thread as well:


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    ionbladez Guest
    Well it seems EVERYONE is now having this problem (of previous fw versions).

    I think sony has upped the "anti" (is that right?) and made changes to the encryption alg - obviously the PS3 does no more than connect and send the current fw version.

    I checked it with wireshark yesterday and it no longer captures the certificate packet.

    It seems sony has bypassed our bypass (yes it's possible) and made it so WE HAVE TO UPDATE TO USE PSN.

    Worst thing that ever happend to playstation 3 owners.
    And without a custom firmware for PS3 yet, we can't even downgrade to fix this!

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    leftpimp Guest
    Well it looks like we are going to have to eat this one. I like how you put that "sony bypassed our bypass" that funny as hell. hey at least i can laugh about... but seriously it looks like there is not going to be a bypass for the bypass, bypass (confusing i know) any time soon so it leaves us with a few options... ready

    Option 1. drop your shield, your helmet, and lastly your spear king Leonidas your finished. submit to the god king Xerxes (Sony) and update your PS3.

    Option 2. Play your PS3 games 90's style (Offline)

    Option 3. or unplug your PS3 stack it on top of your PS2 and what for a homebrew to pop up... one day... If you forgot what a PS2 is , its the machine one top of your PS1 collecting dust.

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    ionbladez Guest
    Well I'm uploading a video now (I'm too lazy to download a video editing program, so my 331 MB video (about 3 - 4 minutes in length) is going to take about 2 hours to finish uploading to youtube.

    I forgot I made a youtube account last year in January and haven't even thought of uploading a single video (or logging into it!)..

    Hopefully this will point out some stuff as well.

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    leftpimp Guest
    ionbladez can you repost a link to your youtube video when you're complete with uploading it?

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    ionbladez Guest
    Yes, I've managed to open Windows Movie maker and compress it down to 58 MB.

    I got it uploaded to 50 MB 20 minutes ago, but it's the 10th time I retried uploading.

    My net keeps d/c'ing and can't get the damn video to upload.
    Also, my router for some reason keeps d/c'ing anything that's connected to it, randomly.

    I can't login to it so I can't change what is needed. and I don't want to hit the reset switch because I don't have the disc anymore to set it up.

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    emilypickard Guest

    error codes

    i use to get these error codes and get signed out every time my cordless phone was used. most of the time i could sign back in, but sometimes i would have to unhook my cable from my router and reconnect it, other times i would have to unplug my phone base from the wall and reconnect it.

    also when i was getting the error codes i checked my network settings and they would all be blank until i did this. my system is wireless and a friend told me that my system and my phone were on the same channel, but since playstation did its maintenance i no longer have this problem.

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    leftpimp Guest
    But are you using a Proxy server to reroute your connection to your PS3 to the internet? if not chances are your problem is not mine (i do not mean that in a negative way) and others like me that DO NOT want to update our PS3's. I am going to email CF3B5BB (the creator of PS3ProxyserverGUI) and ask him/her to take a look at this thread. I'll let everyone know if they get back with me.

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    ionbladez Guest
    Well that used to happen for me.

    I figured out a long time ago the DSL modem required filters to regulate the voltages.

    But now my DSL modem is connected to the DATA lines on my phone and not voice, but for some reason it still d/c's when someone calls my house, and no I don't have filters installed on the data port.

    Here's a link to the youtube video:

    Sorry I don't feel like wrapping around it to view it here.

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