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Thread: PSN Error Code 8002A212 Help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ionbladez View Post
    Sorry I don't feel like wrapping around it to view it here.
    I fixed the video so it works here also ionbladez! (One of these days we will get those video buttons working for the forum ).

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    DemonSeed Guest
    Whenever you try to initiate a connection to psn, your ps3 will try to connect directly out to via https (independant of whether you use proxies or not):

    17:23:05.573291 IP (tos 0x0, ttl 64, id 18516, offset 0, flags [DF], proto: TCP (6), length: 60) 192.168.0.xx.64299 > tcp 0

    Now with the new changes to psn store etc, it seems we can no longer connect to the psn network (this has nothing to do with the latest 2.80 firmware changes because it only happened after store was updated/maintenance). After the initial direct connection to https port on, your ps3's firmware version number is sent which is a different method they previously used which relied on PS3Update-agent/1.0.0 that was part of the firmware/os.
    So here's what it looks like:

    PS3 makes a connection to PSN ---> connects directly to, sends fw version, rejects if lower, cuts connection.

    If fw was appropriate, connection is granted and it will allow for connection to psn w/wo proxy.

    If you sniff and decrypt the ssl data you will also notice that your ps3 version is usually always included into the .xml's. For example:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><profile platform="ps3" sv="2.60"> (This is from PS3Community-agent/1.0.0) to ensure whether one is using the correct version. I haven't checked PS3FriendImUtil/2.1.0-000 libhttp/2.1.0-000 (CellOS) yet however. But that's it in a nutshell basically.

    Sending of your ps3's version number in the initial connections of any of the ps3 services has always been done with any connection afaik, or at least since I've been sniffing from 2.5+ firmwares. I guess they decided to finally take this route to circumvent people bypassing firmware checks.

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    leftpimp Guest

    PS3 Proxy server GUI bypass, bypassed!

    Demonseed, I understand the route in which PS3 connects to PSN via a proxy or not.the program PS3 Proxy server GUI reroutes the connection from PS3 to internet but in that transaction it stops the PS3 from sending that request to the PSN server for a check on firmware. F.Y.I the request from PS3 to PSN looks more like this:


    take note that it is a .txt file on the other end of the PSN network that is updated with the new firmware Sony releases. within this .txt file is a a line that says:


    that is what goes back to your PS3 to see if it is on version 2.80 (or what ever version sony is on) if not you are asked to update.however...

    PS3 proxyserverGUI allows you to add a "middleman" before the request goes out to that Hxxp: URL. the middle man being your own .txt file with the same information that sony has in there hxxp:// but with a change in numbers. there is a thread on this already:

    this works and has been working for a while...until 3 days ago (when i made this thread).

    I will never bow down to sony and update. I have patients...and a custom firmware Wii to hold me down until this blows over...or until someone cracks there bypass block.

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    ionbladez Guest
    Well this XML sounds like it's what we want.

    I'm in the process of getting information ready to call sony and ask them for some information and a SCE Dev account.

    I just need a DEBUG/TEST model number and SERIAL number from SOMEONE here.

    The rest I handled over the phone myself (lol, they're not too "secure" on the phone!).

    I don't want to buy a modchip (because I don't have a card and can't!)
    So that's out of the question.
    I'm going to d/l the "jig" files from the sce dev page.
    When you log in, you have access to their sdk and product downloads.

    (Let's hope that's the case, I've seen an actual computer logged in on this site, thanks to a dumb employee at a Lake Electronics.)

    Anyone can toss me those numbers?

    And yes, about the proxy.

    I've always used proxomitron, it's extremely more flexible to manage and work with especially editing headers and redirects.

    hxxp:// actually is just the same update file for everyone, just the machine language is what distinguishes the system from country.
    The update checks the model and origin for the language.

    Anyways - Where it says this:
    # US
    Compatible meaning the CURRENT firmware they allow to LOGIN.

    That was never changed before, now it's different on two lines.
    this is what has to be the reason. 2.76? pff, I'm not updating. I'll figure a way to change this xml sent data.

    I'm running ssleay under proxomitron but it does the same thing..

    Oh, who has the 2.76 Firmware list,
    I'm thinking about ACTUALLY updating.
    Sucks man,

    I need the

    "# US
    " bit from someone, the HEX version is what I'm looking for, if someone saved it.
    Using an incorrect *00000000* HEX version will make the PS3 kick the update and fail.

    From what I know now the PS3 uses that HEX version to hash the update file itself. It may be part of the decryption key, who knows!?

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    DemonSeed Guest
    I know about the ps3-updatelist.txt (if you are writing a ps3 proxy program, one has to be aware of this). What I am trying to inform people is that *that* particular method no longer works because the ps3's version is also checked initially before even the ps3-updatelist.txt is requested. Please sniff and see. Even with the proxy I have programmed I have come across this problem (and the proxy is transparent all the way to the user agent headers).


    Indeed the url above is the same for everyone with exception to the "xx" parts where it corresponds to your ps3's country which can be one of the following - us, eu, uk, jp, sa, aus, etc.

    The format has always been the same inside the .txt as far as I have been programming my proxy. My proxy wouldn't have worked beforehand if I didn't know how all this worked..

    Anyways, the updatelist.txt method no longer works which is what I have been trying to say in my last post. It doesn't matter if you 0 out the version numbers etc. So from now on other proxy writers have to be aware that this method can no longer be employed and you have to rely on packet injection here on.


    The line above hasn't changed from previous updates, it just takes the last version number before the current update version.

    Were you talking about the "ImageVersion=" line? If so 7f46 corresponds to 2.8

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    ionbladez Guest
    I needed the 2.76 one,


    I'm sorry guys, I've surrendered!

    I've UPDATED to 2.76....

    Now I cannot login at all.

    It says "an error has occured" and I forgot the numbers.

    Now it gives me a different 8002 error.


    What is this? another problem I see.
    I really need to get my hands on this mod chip

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    leftpimp Guest
    So even though you did what Sony wants you to do (update) now your PS3 does not work? that makes no sense. unless the update is like that 2.40 issue that happen to PS3 owners a time ago.

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    leftpimp Guest

    PS3 proxyserver GUI Bypass blocked by sony

    Well everyone when ever (if ever) there is a change in using proxy servers to connect your PS3 to the PC i will make a new thread about the program when (if) it ever comes out. until then hang in there and enjoy your PS3 games... offline.

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    DemonSeed Guest
    I just realised this is the same thing that happens at least once a year or so when a major store update is done, also usually not long after there has been a firmware update. You *will* have to update, but then you can always lag 2-3 versions down before having to do it again, unless of course they do something major again. It happened ocassionally on earlier fw updates for instance 2.3 and I think 2.5 last year.

    In any case if you can't hold out on a lower firmware any longer you might as well update and then you will be able to resume using the proxy of your choice. You'll be on the latest fw, but at least you will be able to skip another 2-3 minor fw updates till you have to do it again.

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    leftpimp Guest
    I agree as i go looking through years and years of threads on lots of sites i see that this happened in 2004/5/6 and 7. i think i might do it because i have a back up... my next door neighbor... lol he is not into the tech stuff i am into and he has an old PS3 (one of the first ones) and he has never went online. so if i update and years later there is a homebrew.. I'll trade my brand new updated PS3 to him for his old and dirty PS3... i love halfway gamers. anyway i will let everyone know what happens... if i do.

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