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Thread: PSN Downloadable Content Region Locked?

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    prophetic Guest

    PSN Downloadable Content Region Locked?

    I recently imported Hot Shots Golf US Version for my Australian PS3. When I tried to install some downloadable content from the PSN, it failed to work.

    A call to sony confirmed that the australian PSN downloadable content won't work with the US game. I asked if it is possible to download from the US store. Apparently not, as downloadable content may be linked to the region by both the disc and the PS3 type? They recommended buying games in your region if you intend to use downloadable content!!!

    Have others had this experience with downloadable content and imported games? Do I have to buy an australian version of LittleBigPlanet?

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    IanJ Guest
    Have you tried creating a US account and logging onto the store? I have read of some folks getting Japanese content with a JPN account. Do some searching on setting up accounts in other regions.

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    prophetic Guest
    I do have a US account, but I don't have a US credit card so I can't buy the content. Does anybody know of stores exporting US PSN cards?

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    aldostools Guest
    Entropay allows to create virtual debit cards accepted by the US PSN store. You need to have an international debit/credit card. It's free but charges 4.95% per transaction.

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    prophetic Guest
    Thanks aldostools, I'll give it a go.

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