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    Itsmattylol Guest

    PSN Demo Installer problem?

    Hi guys, Whenever i go to put my IP into the upload file section i come across this problem

    Local IP is

    however, it won't let me type that & it either does: 192.168.176 or 192.168.1__.76

    Is there anyway around this?

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    Itsmattylol Guest


    Anyone have a work around yet? 8-)

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    thedoors24 Guest
    Use Demo Manager v1.0 instead, a lot easier to use.. just read the readme included.

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    bluedragon14 Guest
    In your case I believe you would put in

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    Itsmattylol Guest
    demo installer won't do anything to the pkgs, the cmd flashes up for a sec & thats it, no xxxx000 folder.

    and 00s don't work, still errors/unable to connect.

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    NeOSEEKER Guest
    I've got a problem with the demo manager. When I drag the .pkg file into the executable, nothing happens. No folders or anything like that appears.

    What is the problem here?

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