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    slastrina Guest

    psn content expired after internal battery unplugged?

    hi guys, anyone have a solution to this issue, i had the YLOD so i reflowed the system, it works perfectly except my psn games all show expired and that i need to sync with the internet time server (most likely caused by me needing to unplug the internal battery), problem is, im still on 3.41 and to sync time i need access psn.

    i'm not sure if proxy still works i remember the proxy stopped working at a much lower firmware. i've got ftp access so i can make changes, just unsure what to change.

    any ideas

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    luix Guest
    can you not just install fw 3.50 yourself, with an usb-stick. the fw is available here in the download section. then you can sync your unit with the time server.

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    FireSokar Guest
    OP wants to retain 3.41 firmware which is why he is dicussing proxy's and everything. Updating to 3.5 will wipe-out his jailbreak.

    You should be able to Use the Demo Installer to reinstall the PSN games, but you will need to capture the PKG/ find it online. This should re-enable them. If it does not you will need to check the flashes to find out what file has the sync time stamp.

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    Try setting the system date and time and rebooting. The license may be tied to a valid date and time.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    As mentioned above - try to set your correct date and time - this is the same problem as during the 28 / 29 February bug ...

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