First it was Japan, then America and then Europe and now its South Africa’s turn to get PSN game cards. That’s right no longer will you have to use that costly credit card to purchase PSN products. The great thing about having easy access to a multitude of PSN cards is that the PSN game community will expand locally, many gamers are afraid of sending thier credit card information accross the world to buy a small downloadable game.

Now if only bandwidth was as cheap and easily obtainable for the average gamer! Perhaps a smart retailer will combine a few PSN bundles with prepaid bandwidth and a PSN Game card?

So look out for the PSN cards at your nearest retailer, we reccommend BT Games store as they have notified us that they will have stock later this month!

Points will be available in denominations of R 250 & R 500.

Can someone confirm this?

it is said to be released on 28 10 09