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    KirasiN91 Guest

    PSN Account not working help?

    Ok so here's the story, I can't sing-in on my main PSN account. Apparently I have to give them some extra information before being able to do so.

    The problem is, in 2011 the website I used for my email deleted all the free emails and made it subscription based. So basically I'm stuck with a dead PSN account. Making a new one means my saves/trophies/etc will be left behind.

    I'm on KMEAW 3.55, any suggestions?

    Copying the saves over doesn't work, states it's from another user so it either deletes it or doesn't allow achievements/saves.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Have you tried to go onto sony's website and reset your password that way and or change your email. thanks

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    sharred Guest
    You can copy the trophies and all the save data which isn't locked to a specific account. You can unlock those saves though.

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    lowkee33 Guest
    You need to call sony and give them a new email they will work with you. You could possibly email them but I have had better luck just calling them.

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