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    IvanVRomanov Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by zuzto View Post
    well.... in this case, they don't charge the money in ur account, they give you an account with the money on it. i think is a different thing... and another ... if is of a credit card... why they dont charge 300 dlls?? why just 150??

    So.. the method, the loophole, just give chance to charge 150 top...
    The maximum you can have on your account is $150.

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    jabberosx Guest
    Plus.. i think this will eventually lead to your ps3 getting banned on PSN.

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    LIL935 Guest
    This transaction was made in a good security.

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    toxsik Guest
    Yeah this kind of thing will probably eventually get your account banned. I lol'd when someone was trying to make this seem less as bad by saying it couldn't be stolen credit cards used to add the money to the wallet.

    I believe it totally is. I work at Wal-mart as a electronics employee we check people out in that area as well. I see at least 2-3 people daily trying to use stolen credit cards. They try for little things and big things. The thing is if anything is bought over 500 dollars most of the time unless you have made lots of high dollar purchases in the past it will reject the card making you call the bank to get conformation. Also sometimes it can be lower.

    And by only adding 150 dollars you could make a lot more accounts say you get a stolen credit card with a 5000 dollar limit that could make a little more than 30 accounts!!! No one is instantly notified because the amount is not horribly high. I takes only a couple minutes to pull that transaction off so you do that till either you use everything on the card or kill it which it usually take a couple of days for people that own the card to realize its gone or someone cloned they card etc.

    So ultimately to a thief they didn't pay anything for this its free to them. So selling 30+ accounts for 50 bucks they get a profit of 1500 dollars and since they are fkn' cheap they move super fast! So I am going to put all my money on that. It's plain and simple they do make those accounts with stolen credit cards, believe it. Don't support that!

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    LIL935 Guest
    PSN is usually secure, if one believes Sony of course.

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    laggmaster Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by LIL935 View Post
    PSN is usually secure, if one believes Sony of course.
    only as far as i can throw my 60gb Phat PS3!!!

    but back on topic. if the PSN cards they are selling for cheap are bought on some kind of bulk wholesale deal it is a perfectly legitimate possibility that the cards are legitimate.

    there is the possibility that they were bought with a stolen credit card, thats the risk you take buying things for cheap from people you don't know online. now the cheap PSN accounts with $150 are almost most definitely bought with a stolen credit card. there are probably a few out there that are legit but if the deal looks to good to be true usually it is.

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    saviour07 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by LIL935 View Post
    PSN is usually secure, if one believes Sony of course.
    No one is saying that psn is insecure. Psn can't differentiate between my credit card and my credit card when someones stole it (not unless i report it stolen and cancel it!)

    Basically someone has stolen a credit card off someone else. Then they create a completely new psn account. Then they use that credit cards details to add funds to the new psn accounts wallet.

    The psn doesnt know its a stolen credit card (its just someone's bank details) so the $150 are added without question. Then that psn account which the theif has made is then sold to someone on ebay for $50... which is 100% profit.


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    ClasHPRO Guest
    As there are so many sellers all around the place and that you can get as many accounts as possible it seems like someone actually hacked PSN and are exploiting it like crazy.

    Some people are selling information on ebay on how to get these accounts at $5 on PSN.

    Even if someone stole a creditcard people would not be as stupid as selling these accounts for $5 as it takes time to register new PSN accounts... make a new email account and fill it up = work.

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    LNRrgB Guest

    my theory...

    I bet Sony released these cards knowingly, in an effort to get some of the firmware holdouts to update to 3.21. Has me pondering the up (down) grade anyway.

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    d3adliner Guest
    If you buy one of these accounts it will be deactivated within two weeks time. The sellers also are NOT using PSN cards to fund these accounts & if they were, why wouldn't they just simply send you the PSN card or the code to add it to your own account?

    Not to mention that the accounts say right in the transaction history section that the funds were added via credit card.

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