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    Confused PSL1ght help?

    i have been trying to get psl1ght running on my laptop i boot dual os but im using ubuntu linux to boot for psl1ght. ive been trying and trying and i just can get it im prgressing a little but basiclly a stand still now.. new to coding but not hacking ubuntu 12.04 lts OS

    i have been working with psl1ght v1 and i have got as far to where i can go and try to "make pkg" for the sample projects and some others i have. i was orginally getting a shared library error now that's no longer a problem. Now i have this problem (pictures) 1. is me trying to "make pkg" 2. sudo "make pkg" 3. my .bashrc if more pictures are need let me know! idk what i'm doing wrong but if anyone could help me.... your god and thank you so damn much i wanna pull my damn hair out!

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    this video might help?

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    Thanks! i've seen this video and been on it a few times never watched it though for the fact its a VM tut, but i'll check it out later tonight i've been up all night on this.. again! -__-

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