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    jake112493 Guest

    Post PSL1GHT Compilation Error help?

    while trying to set up psl1gh using the guide i get an error while compiling:

    [Register or Login to view code]

    any help will be appreciated.

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    yujerik Guest
    Same problem here. ps3toolchain didn't compile also.

    I finally got it to work.
    The PSL1GHT SDK must be git-cloned in the ps3chain build directory.
    From the guide you used :

    Now clone the psl1ght git repository:

    cd $PS3DEV
    git clone
    export PSL1GHT=$PS3DEV/PSL1GHT/psl1ght/build

    Build and install it:

    cd $PS3DEV/PSL1GHT/psl1ght
    make install

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