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    adr990 Guest

    PSJB 'n Heavy Rain (EUR) help?


    The current PSJB compatibility lists say that Heavy Rain will remove all PSJB content. (games installed, saves of PSJB games etc.?).
    I don't know how to would work. But I already have a Heavy Rain HDD installation, from the disc.

    If I now would go and copy the Heavy Rain from my PC or Disc to Ext HDD/Int. HDD. Would it still remove PJSB content?

    Thanks in advance!

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    NinjaOptimus Guest
    the compatibility list note about this game is a bit misleading. I tried heavy rain backup myself.

    you don't have to delete any other open manager games etc.

    just get rid of all the save games, installation data of heavy rain (that existed before open manager).

    then fresh backup heavy rain , and it'll be fine.

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    adr990 Guest
    Ahh, just like that. That's nothing much. hehe

    Thanks Ninja! I'm off to try it right away.

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