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Thread: PsJailbreak Original not recognized by pc help?

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    rebelz111 Guest

    PsJailbreak Original not recognized by pc help?

    I'm having problems with it not install /usb.

    My psjailbreak wont get recognized?! help!

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    BwE Guest


    try different usb ports, or email them about it.

    OR give it to me and i'll swap it for a x3max or something lol.

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    rebelz111 Guest
    tried all ports. it just won't install the device probley and says that.

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    SlipNut Guest
    hmms when I have problems installing the devices to my usb, I usually go into device manager and uninstall the usb drivers completely (make sure there isnt nothing plugged in to a usb port) then refresh, computer reinstalls the usb drivers.

    then i reattach my usb device (after my drivers have completely reinstalled) and most of the time it installs correctly, may not work but worth a try.

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    ShroomRaza Guest
    When I first got my Blackcat I had to go get the specific drivers for it. It took about an hour to find the exact driver that would work with my PC and device.

    Happy Hunting!

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    toonek Guest
    In may case reseting the dongle few times had helped. Try on other PC and see is it your OS and wrong drivers or other things.

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    Damirget Guest
    tell us more about dongle that you have, what chip inside, post picture...

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    rebelz111 Guest
    I have the Orignal Ps Jailbreak. i've tried my pc and laptop. laptop is on vista.. pc is xp.

    it says Found new hardware, Genric usb hub? trys to install then just says a problem occoured trying to install your new hardware. it does the same thing on the laptop.

    can someone tell me were it installs the drivers? and then i plug my Psjailbreak in my pc, and it should work like normaly??! please help cheers!

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    lestatbytes Guest
    i'm having the same problem after doing the suggested thing above

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    SinnerShanky Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by lestatbytes View Post
    i'm having the same problem after doing the suggested thing above
    hey get your dongle replaced... it seems to be faulty..!!

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