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Thread: PsJailbreak help

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    donnyboy1189 Guest

    PSJailbreak help

    With the ps jailbreak, does it support the installation of standard debug pkg's such as game upates??

    Also what about digital games e.g warhawk or map packs.

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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Well, as far as i know YES PSJB supports installation of all kind of debug pkgs released so far but as for retails pkgs they arent supported at the moment.

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    randalf Guest

    I tested pkg's from the option "Install package" and the result has been that only allow the installation of pkg debug, but not retail.

    Retail PKG: Full games, Demos, Patch. NO (error 80,029,567)
    Debug PKG: Full games, Patch. Yes

    I think it is It's the same effect as one unit with fw PS3 Debug exceeding 1.50.

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