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Thread: PsJailbreak Fake/broken?

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    gurpreet Guest

    PsJailbreak Fake/broken?

    Hey everyone, I have the PSJailbreak USB.

    I managed to put a psgroove hex on my USB a few days ago, but I'm still on 3.50 so it didn't work. I realised this later, and I found a downgrader beta release (I'm willing to try it now) and I need to put a hex file onto my USB. However, when I use FLIP (by atmel) I load up my USB - AT90USB162, and load up the hex file.

    However, when I click Open usb connection, it says "Could not open USB Device." I've researched a lot, installed many drivers and it doesn't work on my laptop, pc or my brother's laptop.

    I have windows 7, but on this laptop the driver won't install. I've downloaded many different ones for PSJailbreak...

    Additional Info: When I put the usb into my fat ps3 and press power then eject, it beeps 3 times but both red and green lights stay on. There is also a second green light.

    When I put the usb into my pc, all of the lights are on.

    Any ideas what I can do?

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    gurpreet Guest
    I've tried many more things but still not working. Any ideas?

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    snoekie Guest
    I have the olimex board, to put it in FLIP mode, I need to press the big button and hit the reset (while holding the big button). Then it is recognized as a FLIP device. Also, when you are using windows 7 x64 or vista x64 you need to install the signed x64 drivers. The standard flip fails at installing the drivers, but does not report this. You will need to look for the x64 drivers, they might be on the avrfreaks site. (hint, google it)

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    gurpreet Guest
    Thanks for the reply snoekie, I have downloaded the drivers from avrfreaks aswell, but still no luck.

    There is no buttons on my USB, only 3 LEDs (Red one, green one and a second green one). I've opened it up, and can't see a button on it. Is this a fake USB?

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    Warrorar Guest
    i think its easier to help you if you post some screens of your system.

    then its easier to identify the board/jailbreak device


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    gurpreet Guest
    What do you mean my system? My pc? My usb when it's in the PC?

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    zaror1992 Guest
    he is referring to your JB device, upload a picture of it without the cap.

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    gurpreet Guest
    Hey everyone, sorry for the late reply. Here are 3 pictures, the top of the PSJB open, bottom open, and top closed - with the box I received it in.

    Still no luck with re-programming it

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    elser1 Guest
    hard for me to tell from those pics mate..

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    macatac1 Guest
    I have the same board and need some help too

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