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    PSGroove on 3.15

    Has anybody patched the psgroove source to get it to run on 3.15 or any other lower firmware. Seeing as I'm at a standstill here, i use otheros daily and play a game around once a week.

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    Apr 2005
    Not to my knowledge yet, as it was based on PS JailBreak which was hardcoded for 3.41. When someone does though, it will definitely be in the Site News.

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    good luck on that my dude.. I don't think this will be happening since as stated it was made for 3.41.

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    My xplain is arriving tommorrow, I'm currently on 3.15 on a Jap60gb. I'll post again then.

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    Feb 2009
    At moment PSGroove and PSjailbreak only works on 3.41 fw but maybe in near future someone will patch it to work on all fw's or make a custom 3.41 firmware with otheros support, So it's your prefrence what you need at the moment backups, homebrews or otheros.

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