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    Wink [UnAnswered] PSGroove 1.1 for Minimus AVR USB with 3 Leds Working help?

    Hi Everyone, I've Just Bought A Minimus AVR USB Not Long Ago And Now I Have It Working Properly I Thought I'd Share The Hex File I Use So Here It Is..

    Also I Have Some Questions If You Would Be Kind Enough To Help Me With.

    1) Can You Add A USB Or Micro SD Slot To The Minimus Using The Side Connections So Aswell As Jailbreaking The PS3 It Can Also Install Backup Manager So I Don't Even Have To Plug My Ext HDD In (I Understand PSGroove Would Have To Be Modified To Get This Working).

    2) If Not Can You Run Backup Manager From USB Or Ext HDD Without Installing It To The PS3 So When You Unplug The USB Or HDD Backup Manager Disappears.

    3) Failing 1 And 2 Does Anyone Have A Working Version Of Ninja Backup Manager That Still Allows Me To Play Games With Or Without The Disc And Lets Me Backup My Games To The Internal Or External HDD Thanks..
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