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Thread: psfreedom gives error cat: write error: bad address ?

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    thenewmaker Guest

    psfreedom gives error cat: write error: bad address ?

    Guys, can any one help? I don't know much of linux, but lately i have this problem: after all is done, and psfreedom.ko is loaded, the cat command gives BAD ADDRESS error..

    I have been using the PS3 exploit with great success, all games were working, but since i updated the new psfreedom.ko v1.3 this problem started. I reverted to the v1.2 but still the problem persists.. And i can not load the payload_bdemu.bin paylod..

    this is the command that was working OK, but now it does not:

    cat payload_bdemu.bin > /proc/psfreedom/payload

    Thanks a lot in advance..
    The Maker

    EDIT: Forgot to tell you, i'm using HTC Diamond 2, with XDANDROID 2.2 (the psfreedom is for HTC Raphael)

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    aamir007 Guest
    The PSFreedom is for the HTC Raphael which is HTC Touch Pro which is why it isn't working for you.

    You need a payload that has been made for the HTC Diamond 2.

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