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    PSFreedom with backup manager 2.0?


    I wonder if the backup manager 2.0 with no blu ray functionality works with the Psfreedom N900.

    I tried with my N900 but I get an error telling me EBOOT.BIN is invalid. I also tried with Wipeout HD works by some on the forum. But when I run the backupmanager I fall on the XMB.

    Thx for your reply.

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    The PSFreedom hack needs to be upgraded for it to work.

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    The update is happen to be online? If yes, Were i can find it?


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    No it is not compatible, to use the Backup Manager 2.0 you need to use the PSGroove with the Hermes added support the old version will not work so you'll have to wait until someone adds the support. Check on XDA Developers.

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