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    PSF problem help?


    I have 2 method to jailbreak my ps3

    1. Ipod Touch 1g
    2. HTC Touch Pro with Android

    When i JB my ps3 and make backup with backup manager or open backup manager, when i put other game i cant run backup


    I backup LBP when i put HAZE i can't run LBP like backup
    I back to xmb and nothing is done

    Any one can help me how i can run this backups?

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    Sounds like you have the wrong psgroove payload. I had to the same problem first couple payloads i tried, then i found one that worked.

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    Sep 2009
    any one can tell me what rootfs and zimage i need on htc to run backups?

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    I don't have a htc phone and you cant do it with ipod touch that i am aware of. ipod classics and ipod nano 1st gen and 2nd gen. i recommend get ps3key, ps3 jailbreak, ps3 break. much easier and neater. i also do not use hermes payload, i use one of the original payloads that had backup compatibility. Meaning I still have to use a ps3 game to boot back ups.

    You are just going to have to dig around and found what you need. And use trial and error.

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