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Thread: PSdowngrade Question?

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    naive1016 Guest

    PSdowngrade Question?

    I got a PS3Key and well my ps3 80gb is already on 3.41. But my cousins 60GB PS3 is stuck on 2.71 and won't upgrade its firmware for some reason we don't know. Anyway do you guys know if the Psdowngrade will update the firmware to 3.41 from any firmware?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    did you try "after a couple of failed attempts it will give you an error code this will help narrow down the malfunctioning hardware as SK Group says try the updating from the recovery menu via memory stick although if it is a hardware issue the update still won't complete, what percentage does it get to before restarting if it's over 60-70% the issue is with likely to be your bluray logic board even though games and movies still play there can still be some problem there."

    like sk group and cakalack suggested a week ago? if that doesn't work post the error code you get when you try to update but make sure you do it with a usb stick or hdd instead of over the internet.

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    naive1016 Guest
    Oh just did a quick search and didn't realize the PS3 had a recovery menu. When you guys said update by recovery, I went to the system settings and went to the one that says recover settings. LOL my mistake. I will try it and call him to bring his PS3 over later.

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    BwE Guest
    you'd be able to recover a bricked ps3 though service mode (psdowngrade)

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