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    J697 Guest

    PS3SDK problem help?

    Well, I downloaded official PS3SDK yesterday, and I haven't been able to use it since. I am on linux, not windows. This makes it even more hard to install it correctly. I copied everything to "/usr/local/cell/". My exports look like:

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    This is strange because, if exports are wrong or the paths are not correct, then it gives an error on the terminal. Well it does not, even though those paths do not exist. Well "/usr/local/cell/host-linux/" does. My file looks like:

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    And in bin is a bunch of executables, example: make_mself, make_fself, and a few "ppu-lv2". I am missing "ppu-lv2-g++", sadly this executable is not in the "bin" folder. Here is a log of me trying to compile an sdk sample of "fw_cubeWithFont".

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    Weirdly enough, in "/host-win32", the "ppu/bin" and "spu/bin" folders do exist, but in .exe windows format. Therefore useless to me in every way. I really need to set this up, can anyone help me please?

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    shummyr Guest
    I believe you got the windows install version instead of the linux version, due to the fact that you have the host- win32 and what not.

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    J697 Guest
    I don't understand, I still have "host-linux", but it is missing files. I think it may be possible to run the SDK (windows version) with wine. It would be a lot easier and more comfortable of I could use linux though. There are two versions? I downloaded from two different spots, and they were both missing those files. Could you help at all? I really want this to work. Nobody on irc can help, maybe someone here can?

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    CJPC Guest
    Yeah, its not going to have them. Your best bet is to do some modifying - essentially modify the make scripts to use the windows directory, and use wine to run the exe's. It may take a little bit of work but should then work.

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    J697 Guest
    Well that does not work, so there is absolutely no way to gather those executables? I really wanted to install this one.

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    CJPC Guest
    You are probably out of luck - wine can be used, it just takes a bit of time to figure out what files need to be edited, etc!

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