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Thread: Ps3proxy error code "8002AE22" on 2.01 EUR

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    tmaster Guest

    Unhappy Ps3proxy error code "8002AE22" on 2.01 EUR

    I just updated my ps3 to 2.01 EUR and tried ps3proxy.

    first i downloaded Gripshift full. everthing download ok to the ps3, then when it tried to install it came up tith the following error. "8002AE22"
    it is the same for any other package i try to download through ps3proxy.

    This has worked in the past with 2.00 and below. i have tried all different types of methods, but still the same problem accours.

    Has sony stopped ps3proxy from working in 2.01 with some filesize check or somthing along the same lines.

    Hope this can be fixed soon.

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    Zoddi Guest
    still working with 2.01. got burnout and nba that way yesterday

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    VendeTTaa Guest
    @Zoddi: Gripshift is different in that it isnt free.

    Ok, tmaster I havnt encountered this problem before, so my only suggestion would be that there is a possibility that sony have changed the gripshift file to a newer version? Have you downloaded a working version of the game previously; as in downloaded a version that was working when installed via proxy before your 2.01 update?

    If you are using an old, working version, then it may be your error. Have you tried using PS3.Proxyserver instead of ps3proxy? you might have some network setting that you have changed that just happened to coincide with the 2.01 update.

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    Zoddi Guest
    i know that there is a difference...only wanted to say that the method itself is still working because we had several threads before.

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