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    crazyfool30 Guest

    PS3Netsrv Waiting for Client, won't connect help?

    I've just updated to Habib 4.55 with Cobra because my HDMI port's blown, I've switched to component and I'm getting horrible interference from my ext HDD's power supply so wanted to move my games to my pc and run them from there using PS3Netsrv and webman.

    First I copied a game in jb folder format to a GAMES folder in a folder on my pc and created an iso copy using GenPS3iso 2.1 which I put in a PS3ISO folder in the same folder, loaded PS3netsrv, selected the root folder containing the GAMES and PS3ISO folders and clicked start so it brings up the Waiting for client message.

    Gone into multiman (mmcm) and set my pc's ip address and 38008 as the port for net_host0 and have webman 1.29 running on my ps3 (brings up the list of games on my int hdd), gone into settings and set it to search for games (ticked the boxes for each platform at the top) on my pc's ip address using port 38008, refreshed xml and restarted and I get nothing.

    If I go into MMos and browse to net_host0 it doesn't see anything either and the PS3netsrv window still says waiting for client. I've tried using mmRAS to connect between my PC and PS3 and that works both ways, also don't have any issues ftp'ing and have allowed ps3netsrv through my firewall on all networks (just in case!).

    Used a few different versions of PS3netsrv and get the same on all of them. I'm on something like v (not sure if it's genuine deank & aldostools but at least one of the versions I tried was).

    I'm pretty sure there must be something that I'm doing wrong, but search hasn't given me any solutions so I'm at a loss. Any help would be appreciated!

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    windrider42 Guest
    Go to this thread: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-ha...tml#post465606

    Read: Extra award 7: How to Play PS3 games (PS3ISO, BDISO, DVDISO) through pc network

    Maybe just run through the steps again

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