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    ps3key not able to upgrade firmware?

    hey i recently got my ps3key from one of their distributors. The device works but when i tried to upgrade to the new ps3key firmware 2.1 using their installer i cannot get my ps3key to get into DFU mode (both leds must be turned on at the same time). No matter how many times i plug the usb be in the results is just a red light. and the update application doesnt allow me to click the update button.

    I've tried running as administrator and on compatability mode with xp sp3. (i'm running windows 7).

    Can anyone help me out?

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    You have to do it quick for about 5 times, that works for me.

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    Jul 2008
    Some times i have get the chip into update mode after the second time i plug in the stick.

    You have to do it quick then it should work.

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    i also have a problem with updating my ps3key. I can get into dfu mode. and i can select firmware and press update in the updater program, but then nothing happens. The programs just says PS3KEY connected, and just does nothing. How long does it normally take to update a ps3key??

    i have tried waiting for about 3 minuts ans still nothing, no moment on the statusbar or anything.

    Any solutions?

    Other than that, the ps3key is working fine

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    The update takes just a few seconds.

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    Right click and try to run it in xp mode, worked for a friend of mine.

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