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Thread: ps3key + hermes help?

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    shikamaruxnara Guest

    ps3key + hermes help?

    hi.. im still a noob to all this stuff.. so don't be mean

    i just wanna know what exactly is hermes, can i download it as a pk file like open manager, gaia manager and stuff like this and then install it on my ps3 via ps3key ??

    Or does my version of ps3 key (4.3) egual hermes4 ??

    help ?

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    severusx Guest
    Hermes v4 is a payload for use in dev boards like the Teensy. I don't think is has been ported to any of the clone dongles. With a clone you have to wait for the manufacturer to release a payload update and an updater. You can can't just download a pkg. If your PS3 works the way you want it to now then there is no need to update your dongle.

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    kmjansen83 Guest
    Just use the latest version and you have hermes v4.

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