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    [Answered] PS3Key (atmega32u2 chip) Problem

    hello guys

    i purchased a ps3key and as i see in their site they say that their chip is updateable via a software called "Flip". okay i installed flip and i connected my PS3 key to my PC and i wanted to try if this true. First i want to say that i oppened my ps3key and i saw the chip was atmega32u2.

    So when i connected the usb to the pc the strange is that it found this like an Unkown Device. i was trying to install/update via Device Manager but the same error.. i can't. The Flip i read that has some drivers for usb to work but doesn't help either. When i'm trying to open the flip and connect to the usb say that "Could not open usb device"

    Anyone know anything about That PLZ?
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    Best Answer - Posted by Roamin:

    Hi ordimans , I have the .hex for it , based on psgroove 1.1 , compiled with WIN-AVR , (using the fix inside the power.h header)

    I have not tested this yet, but there is absolutely no reason why it wouldn't work. (I have compiled all other versions with no problems.

    Here is log of the compiling :

    Size after:
    AVR Memory Usage
    Device: atmega32u2
    Program:   11858 bytes (36.2% Full)
    (.text + .data + .bootloader)
    Data:         57 bytes (5.6% Full)
    (.data + .bss + .noinit)
    -------- end --------
    I have included on your picture what needs to be done in order to enter DFU mode. The pins DFU and RESET must be connected to ground , and that will reset the mcu , and check the state of the dfu pin , if its grounded , it enters DFU. You can just short them all together , but its not a "safe" idea , you might damage your chip if you do it, if you use the logic i put , the 2 diodes prevent the DFU and RESET pins to be connected directly together.

    I have included the .hex , and details on how i got the compiler to use the atmega32u2.

    I havent seen behind your board , maybe there is logic similar to what i posted ? Good luck!

    Please reply on the functionnality of the .hex i posted , but i repeat , exact same psgroove11 build , that i fixed compiler and changed in makefile to reflect atmega32u2, includes CJPC fix.

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    check your device manager and make sure the chip is in DFU mode which will enable the write of usb to it.

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    How to make my chip in DFU Mode (whats this?) ... you mean to press a button on my usb chip? but it doesn't have button.

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    some boards have a small switch, which you need to activate in order to programme the device, check the manufactures website for details.

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    the button is a reset it has nothing to do with putting it into dfu mode, look for a switch or 2 and flip them, then hit the reset button, by the way, why even look at the upgrade function as of yet, I am sure that when they do have a update they will instruct people as to how the flash is done, but for now the jb device should be doing just fine.

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    Drakhen , i do not have a ps3key in hand , i build my own teensy 1.0 version , but i assure you that it is possible to have the DFU mode and reset on the same button. The way DFU is triggered, is by checking a line upon reset , if that line is low, it will enter DFU mode. It is very easy to build logic around both the RESET and the DFU pin bringing them to a single pushbutton switch.

    Christos, if it does indeed have a button, put the dongle in your PC , press and hold the button 0.5-1 second , and release. This is the DFU mode. If its the first time you use an Atmel MCU in your pc , you will be asked for drivers. They are located in the \USB\ folder of the Flip install folder.

    Once you have the drivers, inside Device manager you will have a new category, ATMEL USB DEVICES , and inside will be listed the number recognized for your chip. Use that chip # when selecting a device from Flip , then click the usb cable icon to "load" the chip. Once the chip is loaded in Flip , you select the correct .hex for that chip , and just press RUN. 3 seconds later your chip is programmed.

    Insert dongle in pc , if its already flashed , you might see USB HUB , then unrecognized.
    Press Reset
    New device detected , requires the USB drivers.
    Verify in Device manager
    Load Flip
    Select device
    Open device
    Load Hex

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    I had trying once & twice to open the usb with flip & suddently it went magic..but i dont have the PS3Key Code in Hex to programm that.

    Christos, Where do you get your Hex file to programm the EEProm of the PS3Key?

    Thank you very much and good luck with your "flip's" problem,

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    Tell me the detected device in your device manager , or which device you opened in flip (chip #) and i will PM you the .hex

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlybravo View Post
    I had trying once & twice to open the usb with flip & suddently it went magic..but i dont have the PS3Key Code in Hex to programm that.

    Christos, Where do you get your Hex file to programm the EEProm of the PS3Key?

    Thank you very much and good luck with your "flip's" problem,
    I didn't do anythink till bought my dongle. it was working on my ps3 after i purchased this. but i have a question. did your ps3key have any button? mine doesn't have and when i'm inserting to pc it say i Found USB HUB.
    I can't set it to DFU mode this is my problem. just tell your chip type to Roamin.

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    So here is the photos of my chip. If anyone see the buttons to set the chip to DFU mode so i'll call myself crazy & stupid with no eyes
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