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Thread: PS3Key (atmega32u2 chip) Problem

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    Roamin Guest
    Christos, if it doesn't have a button, or a hole , then i don't think there is a way to update it without opening it up. If it uses an ATMEL chip (AT90USBXXXX) then , its possible to enter DFU mode by touching 2 pins to ground, its safer to use 2 diodes when doing this ,so not to cross the 2 pins themselves, but bring them both down to ground. Also safer to use a resistor on one of those pins , but if you don't plan on updating frequently, you could do it as 1 time with just wires.

    Probably not what you wanted to hear , sorry. I can provide more help if you do manage to open it up , and identify the chip , and maybe post pictures of the board. I could be possible that although there is no reset button installed, the board as the traces which could make updating the chip a bit simpler, although you need to open it. Maybe if it has the traces , you could add the button(s) yourself...

    Edit: just saw you posted links to pics, waiting for approval then i'll post more.

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    Christos Guest
    hey thnx man for supporting me i added images of my chip in 1st page , last post, of this thread. can you see there what to do?

    what to do to enable the chip in DFU mode guys? doesn't have any button..

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    Roamin Guest
    I'm sorry Christos, but i am still waiting for the pictures for approval by a moderator. Shouldn't take long now.

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    Christos Guest
    ok... so i see my chip is atmega32u2. i opened this...

    it's a little hard to update this chip i think or can't be updated..

    maybe if this is true i''ll buy another dongle when the update come out or i'll wait for a possible hacked ps3 firmware ..

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    Roamin Guest
    Well, the atmega32u2 is definitely upgradable, it believe it is identical to a at90usb162, so the teensy 1.0 .hex should work , just make sure it has the correct crystal (16mhz for original psgroove) if you have a 8mhz , you will have to compile or find a 8mhz version, but thats easy.

    Still waiting on pics..

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    Christos Guest
    my picture of PS3key Atmega32u2 are up in 1st page, last post. anyone help me how to do DFU mode to the chip?

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    Roamin Guest
    Hi ordimans , I have the .hex for it , based on psgroove 1.1 , compiled with WIN-AVR , (using the fix inside the power.h header)

    I have not tested this yet, but there is absolutely no reason why it wouldn't work. (I have compiled all other versions with no problems.

    Here is log of the compiling :

    Size after:
    AVR Memory Usage
    Device: atmega32u2
    Program:   11858 bytes (36.2% Full)
    (.text + .data + .bootloader)
    Data:         57 bytes (5.6% Full)
    (.data + .bss + .noinit)
    -------- end --------
    I have included on your picture what needs to be done in order to enter DFU mode. The pins DFU and RESET must be connected to ground , and that will reset the mcu , and check the state of the dfu pin , if its grounded , it enters DFU. You can just short them all together , but its not a "safe" idea , you might damage your chip if you do it, if you use the logic i put , the 2 diodes prevent the DFU and RESET pins to be connected directly together.

    I have included the .hex , and details on how i got the compiler to use the atmega32u2.

    I havent seen behind your board , maybe there is logic similar to what i posted ? Good luck!

    Please reply on the functionnality of the .hex i posted , but i repeat , exact same psgroove11 build , that i fixed compiler and changed in makefile to reflect atmega32u2, includes CJPC fix.

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    ordimans Guest
    i received from supplier. So i tried with your file. always same error "Blank check faill at 0x00000"

    And in this guide, you will see, the psgroove1.1.hex have 11894 utils bytes. (this file from roamin have 11858 util bytes)

    but it's not the problem i think.

    PS: i attached the PDF

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