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    silencephaze Guest

    Question ps3jail breaking question

    I updated my ps3 to 3.42 and reading on the news page that 3.50 disables third-party usb devices. I was wondering if i can still jailbreak my ps3 if i keep it on frame-ware 3.42 with jailbreak future updates.

    I am getting really sick of updating my ps3 every other day or so just to play online, so decided i am going to jailbreak it if its possible. Also i was look at the ps3key jailbreak solution and found its only 40 dollars vs the official jailbreak for 120. What i am asking is what options do i have to jailbreak my ps3, and what is the cheapest and best usb jailbreak device i need to pick up. I have read the ps3 jailbreak guides, so i understand what i need to do, but i would like some experienced users give me some advice thank you.

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    aamir007 Guest
    Since you've updated to 3.42 then JB'in your PS3 is currently impossible and cannot be done, unless you downgrade to 3.41 which currently is also not possible and don't think it will be able to be done in the future but the time will tell all. Get yourself another PS3 if you wish to JB (with 3.41) or wait.

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    silencephaze Guest
    Another question i am sure everyone wants answer to would be how are people playing online without updating is there any methods that work. I know the proxy method are block, but is there any new methods that are working?

    Im thinking it wont be problem soon how the hacks are flying around for the ps3. I bet ps3jailbreak devices will start support high frame ware soon, but currently right now i am screwed for jailbreaking damn!..

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    aamir007 Guest
    As far as i know the proxy methods have been patched and no longer work not sure i've never tried any of the proxy methods.

    As for the JB being compatible for 3.42 the chances are slim since it has been patched unless there are more exploits that sony are unaware about that can be used. Patience is the best virtue, time will tell all if you really want to JB then get yourself another console.

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    silencephaze Guest
    Thanks for the fast reply all just wait and see what happens with the exploits see if they a nice patch comes out because it more than likely will. The only hard part is there is no way to play online unless a person updates their consoles to the latest useless updates.

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