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Thread: PS3GP - all games black screen help?

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    stavv Guest

    PS3GP - all games black screen help?

    Hello all,

    i have a PS3GO GT-break. i put update bin in him and i update (no red light :\) i try to play games like green day , the beatls, NFS:HP and nothing don't work.. all the games do black screen, do i need to install some HEX file ?

    how i do this.. plz help me !

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    zeromx Guest
    yes you need to put a hex file with the filename psgroove.hex in the root inorder to work, it currently supports 99% of all hex files around.

    - in order to update your p3go you need to put the update file in the microSD slot and then connect it to your pc and it should automatically update and remove the file once complete.

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    stavv Guest
    where is the root for the hex ? and you have an hex to recommend for me ?

    some one ? plz help..

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