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    stavv Guest

    PS3go Hex install root folder help?

    Hello all,

    i have ps3go and i want to play all the new games, you tell me that i need to put some HEX file withe herms 4.. i ask how to do this and you said "You take the hex and rename it to psgroove.hex, then copy it to the root of your ps3go." so i have 2 quastions.

    1) where is the root folder ?
    2) you can give me a good HEX file ? recommend me about good HEX file..

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    zeromx Guest
    I have attached the latest version for P3GO.

    - There is a folder called HEX, grab any hex file from there and whichever one you want to use rename is to "psgroove.hex" and put it the drive, when you connect to your pc. (NOT THE MICROSD).

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    stavv Guest
    i take this renamed to psgroove, i put it on the main folder of my PS3GO without SD card.. that's all ? i dont need to change more things ?

    and more thing.. when i update my PS3GO i don't had any red light.. update sucsessful ?

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    zeromx Guest
    If you want to update you put the .bin file in the microSD and insert into slot and plug into computer and once the update is finish, it will automatically delete the file. so its successful.

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