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Thread: PS3FTP error 80010017 help?

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    Kozunak Guest

    PS3FTP error 80010017 help?

    Ok so I recently decided to upgrade my console with the latest CFW (Rogero 4.31) and I noticed that the Ps3FTP started giving me error 80010017. At first i tought that maybe the version was old, so I downloaded the latest verson of the Ps3FTP, installed it and it kept giving me the same error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    P.S. Sorry for bad english.

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    sambo71 Guest
    multiman has built in ftp program. get the latest multiman, in settings - change ftp to enable/ no timeout. hope this helps you

    or if you would rather use your current ftp , you could use one of the resigning tools to fix your current program. i used true ancestor on mine , with 4.21 rogero , and got all my old stuff working.

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    Kozunak Guest
    Thanks for the help I managed to install the latest multyman and now I'm currently checking for a way to to see my IP or or a way to get files on the internal hard like with FileZilla.

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    richdotward Guest
    The error code means your app is not signed for 4.xx cfw.

    Either resign it with the PC apps available or do an internet search for it. I use black box over the mm built in one as it's more reliable.


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    Kozunak Guest
    Thank you so much for your cooperation guys I can finally transfer games to my internal hard again.

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