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    PS3break v1.1 and backup manager issue?

    I have just got my ps3break v1.1. But can seem to get it working. I`m running firmware v3.41 on my ps3. My issue is backup manager dosent seem to work. I have tried v1, v1.1 and OM v1.16X but all seem to do the same thing. Freeze up.

    I have youtubed it and cant pick why I get it but no one else dose. Backup manager loads up... shows the game inserted into the drive but dont have the backup or load options in the lower left of screen.

    Do you know why this is?

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    I have a ps3break 1.1 and found gaia manager 1.03.01 to be the best one to use plays everything except Assasins Creed II for me, update it using the guide to the latest version and hopefullly this will help.

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    do you mean update to that manager, or update the firmware on the break?

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    try using hermes4b and open manager 1.17. it plays everything i threw on it so far.

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