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Thread: PS3Break PS3 Firmware problems?

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    KyuubiJinchuuri Guest

    PS3Break PS3 Firmware problems?

    I bought a psbreak last week for my PS3 40GB (i have a 500GB external Hard Drive) and tried to install it. I didn't notice my firmware was where the Break says it only runs on lower so basically it dont work.

    I know people buy external hard drives , i mean 40 GB these days with games installing stuff , you can only have so many games to play.

    The Question i would like to know the answer to is that if i were to buy a say 320 GB external hard drive , would that be like reformatting windows 7 and doing all the updates again ? i got no stuff that i keep on the console iteself and i bought it second hand because it was cheap (the fat console cost me 130) because of the fact of the PSbreak and now that the ps3 update blocks it , im' basically screwed.

    Or does anyone know if a fix for this is being worked on ?

    The ps3 break cost me 40 , and i'm not swimming in money to the tune of paying 40 a game so i thought renting and copying the game to the external hard drive would work for me (saves alot of space where the game boxes are kept too).

    So basically i'm asking if there is a way to get rid of firmware and get the other in its place.

    Thanks for reading this (which is my first post)


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    barbnjason Guest
    Sorry but as of right now there is no way to get the JB to work on anything higher than 3.41.

    Also as of right now there is no way to downgrade your FW to a lower version.

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