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Thread: ps3break on fat ps3?

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    polandspring Guest

    ps3break on fat ps3?

    so i bought a ps3break and jailbreaked my fat ps3 and it worked the first time, but after the first time the light wouldnt stay on or it would say an unknown usb device was found and i made sure to follow the instructions step by step for the jailbreak. i also tried on my friends slim ps3 and it worked all the time am i doing something wrong or is the ps3break not really compatible for the fat ps3?

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    sykoNsc Guest
    it's compatible, you didn't upgrade or anything after you used it first time? also you are killing the power switch in the back before each time? something else to try, repeatedly tap eject until xmb comes up, seems to give a lil more time for the usb to enumerate. so the steps are:

    turn power switch on in back
    press power button
    immediately start tapping eject
    continue tapping eject until xmb loads

    see if that helps and post back.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    JB is completely compatable with the fat, I do mine all the time. I have a 1st gen 60GB (500GB), FW 3.41 (stay with 3.41 or lower, as yet no way to downgrade) just follow sykoNsc's instructions it should work, unless you upgraded FW to 3.42 or 3.50

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    polandspring Guest
    did all those already and my firmware is 3.41 and i did upgrade to the newest one with the hermes v4b hex on their site.

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    modmate Guest

    To let you know. They implement Hermes 4 , not the latest Hermes 4B!

    Greets Modmate

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