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    flashpc Guest

    PS3Break Downgrade Question?

    I have a phat 60GB PAL PS3, which has had the HDD upgraded to 500GB prior to upgrading to 3.41, it was then upgraded to 3.50 by my brother

    My question is can anyone confirm that the PS3Break can downgrade the older PS3s without losing Blu-ray playback, as this unit is also my Blu-ray player.

    The PS3 is one of the early units with the card readers and 4 USB ports, and I have the PS3Break v1.2 dongle.

    All help is greatly appreciated

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    severusx Guest
    So far it looks like a lot of users are losing their BD playback capability when downgrading because the downgrade uses debug firmware. There are however some fixes in progress, so I would wait before attempting anything.

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    cackalack Guest
    apparantly the way to do it is to downgrade to 3.41 using mod pup if you lose your bluray downgrade to a lower firmware using retail pup 3.30 or then upgrade back to 3.41 (normal pup) untried by myself but supposed to work.

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    flashpc Guest
    thanks for the input so far, but I'm still going to wait until someone can confirm the methods used, anyone out there still has Blu-ray playback with PS3Break let us know, cause i'm sure loads of people would like to know.

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    cackalack Guest
    I'm having bother just getting it to downgrade but when it does I'll do the test with blu ray and let you know

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    jamdobbs Guest
    yes downgrade to 3.41 with moded pup using ps3 break instructions once on moded 3.41 downgrade again using 3.21 or 3.15 official pup then take your ps3 out of service mode and update to 3.41 with the official pup every thing will work fine i did this for my nephew no problem. hope this helps.

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