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Thread: PS3AVR (TinyAVR) Dongle Help Please

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    Mantagtj Guest

    PS3AVR (TinyAVR) Dongle Help Please

    Has anyone recieved one of these chips for ps3? tinyavr?

    Have you successfully activated it so the PC can recognise it to flash? YES? YOU HAVE? then please let me know how you did it as when I try it the enabler program states the following

    ENTER to quit

    In fact it is exactly the same "enabler" program as the PSJAILBREAK with the .BKR files you drag on.

    Tried two Pcs using both windows 7 and windows xp

    I need the pc to recognise it please help me

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    tulla2010 Guest
    here's the board pics, front & back


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    subbass Guest
    Mine is similar at first glance, but different I would say.

    I'm no expert, but don't these look incomplete with solder pads and nothing there, I'm looking at the row of pads going across the board near the back end on one side. Similar thing can be seen on mine and the other photo's above.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    From the corresponding topic from psx scene:
    It looks like some one has taken the USB SD-CARD reader, and rip off the slot in the back, and melted on some black rubber.

    The black glob on the back is the usb mcu interface to the missing sd-card slot.

    I bet these are the very same USB SD-CARD readers they always throw in with the cheap R4 cards.

    If I had one I would compare to it, so verify, I bet my life on it, that is what it is, if you do a search on CBM081216 YHL-DLK-4081

    The first part 081216, means it was designed on 2008-Dec. 16th

    Yep, edit that is what it is, the CBM and 4081 match this:

    Chipset: Chipsbank CBM4081

    By chipsbank in china!

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    Mantagtj Guest



    Unforunately this board being sold around the world as PS3AVR or TINYAVR has turned out to be nothing more than a fake. The setup files on their website drop a virus. The board is unrecognisable by any operating system. Resellers have gone into hiding thus passing on all damage to us consumers.

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