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    stevecuns Guest

    PS3 YLOD fix help?

    Hi guys,

    quick question regarding YLOD fix. I have done the heat gun method and used AS5 & now the PS3 40gb FAT powers up with green light, but has no display and within 10 seconds the fan goes from stage 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 then switches off.

    I have fixed a few YLOD ps3s in the past but i just can't seem to get this one going again. now and again the display will show for a few seconds while the fan is getting louder and louder before it switches off. not every time though?

    i also have another PS3 that powers up green but shows nothing on the screen, fan is very low on this unit (can do the reset procedure ie hold power for first beep, then hold for the 2 beeps but no display so carnt access the recovery options)

    any help much appreciated.



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    2High4U Guest
    when the screen does display does it say anything about overheating at its peak does the fan sound like a turbocharger if so its probly from overheating chips getting hot really quickly. this happened to me pulled it back apart and one of the little sticky covers for the other chips had fallen in between the heatsink and one of the chips.

    pulled it out put it back together and it worked it could also be that the heatsinks are stuffed and won't dispense the heat anymore you also could have put to much or not enough heat paste, but you said you'd fixed a few already so that should be right.

    What do you have it hooked up through HDMI, COMPONENT or COMPOSITE try all three and see if you get a display.

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