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    davvve996 Guest

    PS3 ylod fix help?

    Hello everyone!

    I tried to fix my YLOD for the second time (DIY fix,first one worked like a charm) but this time green light just comes on ,no picture, no response from eject button and no sound. after a while the fan kicks in full on and at last it turns off with 3 beeps (error notification).

    when i opened it up again i noticed that there is a melted part (due to the fix , not the ps3 overheating , I assume). I added a pic of the part ,so if anyone know what part this is and if that could cause the problem then please respond so i can replace it.

    Any other thought and suggestions are more then welcome.

    Thanx in advance!!!

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    Frago Guest
    Why you heat the m/b in that section? only the cpu and the gpu and on the opposite side must be heated, i don't know if you can find this and if you can fix it easily, ask sony if they can fix it for a low cost.

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    davvve996 Guest
    Hmm , i don't think they will treat my machine as it's been opened lots of times , but i do think replacing that part (still don't know what part it is...) won't be too complicated. Not sure it will do the job, but just wondering if it has anything to do with the console not working.

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    MannyMania Guest
    It looks like a speaker. Can you see if there is a part number on it?

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    hacked2123 Guest
    ...HAPPY Halloween... or I had one at least.

    Anyways, it most like the thermal compound you used on you cpu/gpu combo. I suggest removing all of what you put on before, specifically any that ran off the sides, and reapplying a fresh coat of arctic silver 9 (very thin). Then fasten the the screw very tightly. I had a the same happen to me in the past.

    BTW, yes that is a speaker that "melted" and no that has absolutely no importance to the system function.

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    davvve996 Guest


    Thanks for the replies!

    I'm glad to hear the melted part is just a speaker, I was hoping it wasn`t causing the problem. As for the thermal compound, I`m using MX-2 which is suppose to be good. So guess i will just have to try and reflow the board again ( this time more gently) and see if there is any hope.

    Why oh why did I update my other PS3 to 3.50

    Any other suggestions are more then welcome, and happy halloween!!!

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    Osirisx Guest
    IMO these ylod fixes will end up causing problems if done using the heat gun method. your better off paying a small amount and have some one who has an infared reflow station to do it for you.

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