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Thread: ps3 YLOD fix?

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    ps3 YLOD fix?

    hi, i've got a ps3 or 3 to fix from ylod. i thought i'd ask here rather than search internet.. with members like barrybarryk and the like, why wouldnt i... so i've never done it before.. but i have enough confidence and skill to try heat gun method.. is it any good to do this?
    i've also been told this...
    The solder will melt at 210 degrees Celsius. Apply the flux to chips as shown in video. Don't worry about how much you apply, you can't use too much. Make sure to remove CR2032 battery from PS3 board before placing in oven. Place PS3 board in oven before turning on the oven. The oven will pre-heat the board for you. Rest the PS3 on an oven tray so that the edges (four corners) are touching the tray, make sure the top and bottom of PS3 board is exposed.


    During the reflow you'll get a strong smell of flux, this is normal and a good sign that the board is nearing reflow temp. Set oven to about 230 degrees Celsius and bake for 12 - 15 minutes depending on how quickly your oven heats :-).

    Cool out of oven for 20 minutes. When you remove from oven, remove whole tray not just PS3 board.
    is this safe for the board.. what is the best way to diy YLOD fix? how long do fixed ones last? Any tips/tricks i need to know about?


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    Thanks as always boss..

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