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    Vilpo Guest

    PS3 YLOD during downgrade COK-002 help?

    I got YLOD when i was downgrading a ps3 with COK-002 board. It was fully working before this.

    I dumped many times, and they were verified to be correct. Tried switching top/bottom nands incase i made a mistake with them. Flashed originals back, and still YLOD. Soldered tristate to ground, still YLOD. This means problem is not with my flashes?

    Is there any way to narrow down the possible YLOD causes? My biggest suspect is the soldering of cell and rsx, since downgrading requires taking the heatsinks off and this usually requires a bit bending/pulling the board because the old thermal paste is sticking..

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    misiozol Guest
    Well you not writing what console is it, but it is possible that YLOD is not connected to downgrade, best way would be if you post dumped flash to senior member for verifying contents if was dumped correctly, do not post it here as some valuable info is in flash.

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