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    kenzu Guest

    PS3 YLOD with CFW 3.55 not by overheating help?

    Hey guys, just messed up my 60gb ps3.. I bought it used after being repaired by lyod overheating and now the same thing happened,but under different circumstances.

    i updated from an official 3.50 to the cfw 3.55, did everything correctly and started assasin's creed.As soon as gameplay started the ps3 crashed and got 3 beeps plus yellow light,but it wasn't from overheating!

    what could have possibly happened! i'm worried that if it wasnt from overheating,how am i going to repair it ?


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    CJPC Guest
    Well, its possible that the YLOD repair was bad, but surprisingly a YLOD can also be caused by software (namely, if say, important stuff is missing).

    Since you were playing a game, I'm guessing the YLOD repair was shoddy, and was not the best - however I'm not sure how it was done. If it was reflowed - that may be why, best bet is to go for a reball.

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    DanDPS3Man Guest
    sometimes a faulty power supply causes ylod.

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    ModderFokker Guest
    I would say you got ripped off...

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    BwE Guest
    ylod is hardware not software. whoever repaired it did a sucky job - simple as that.

    also it doesn't have to overheat to die. the motherboard warps either way

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    CJPC Guest
    99 times out of 100 - its hardware, like in this case, guy probably didn't fix it properly.

    However, try mucking with your flash (the real flash, CORE OS stuff) , and in instances, it can actually YLOD (I've got 2 boxes here, were fine until some flash tinkering).

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    kenzu Guest
    I'm sorry guys, but I understood half of what you guys are talking about, just entered the ps3 scene..

    this friend of mine did it, with no intention of ripping me off, and yes prob did a bad job at doing but got it for a great price. I'm really not sure about these options you're giving me, won't dare try them myself or even my friend.

    I live in Italy and there's not much going on here so I really don't who i can rely to.. don't know who can reball it, what about the flash thing?

    Thanks for your help.

    I'm afraid to put in a game yet, what if i restore it to the official firmware? it went before. I'm so confused.

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    StoneCutter91 Guest
    If it's YLOD restoring to a firmware wouldn't work as YLOD is usually caused by a hardware defect.

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    kenzu Guest
    just read it's in pre-ylod, it turns on and after a couple minutes it turns off and blinks the red light till i turn it off.

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    m45 Guest
    Hi, if ps3 console read a HDD then not a Ylod. (see a light of HDD)

    Sorry my english!

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